ICCM23 Abstract Themes 

Call for Abstracts will open  on july 25th 2022

Composites Design

The Composites Design theme focuses on areas which are driving the development of the revolutionary lightweight structural design. These include, but are not restricted to, new analytical and computational methods, issues concerning safety and reliability, and novel design concepts.

Composite Materials & Structures

The Composite Materials & Structures theme presents new composite material developments encompassing different constituents, tailored structural response to loading, novel reinforcing architectures, sustainable composites, and multifunctionality. 

Composites Manufacturing and Processing

The Composites Manufacturing and Processing theme explore progress in new approaches being pursued in the creation of new composite products, improvements in existing technologies, automation, and composite repairs.

1. Composites Design

01.01   Computational methods
01.02   Multi-physics modelling
01.03   Design and integration
01.04   Materials by design
01.05   Morphing composites
01.06   Multiscale modelling
01.07   Process modelling
01.08   Structural analysis and optimization
01.09   Structural design criteria, safety and reliability

2. Composite Materials & Structures

02.01   Bio-inspired and biocomposites
02.02   Ceramic & metal matrix composites
02.03   Polymer matrix composites
02.04   Fibre reinforced composites
02.05   Ductile and pseudo-ductile composites
02.06   Sustainable composites
02.07   Nanocomposites
02.08   Hybrid & metacomposites
02.09   Sandwich structures and materials
02.10   Smart composite materials and structures
02.11    Textile-based & 3D composites
02.12   Self-healing composites
02.13   Multifunctional composites 

3. Composites Manufacturing & Processing

03.01   Additive manufacturing
03.02   Advanced manufacturing and automation
03.03   Automated fibre & tape placement
03.04   Design and manufacture for multifunctionality
03.05   Formation of active composites
03.06   Liquid composites moulding
03.07   Machining of composites
03.08   Composite repair 

Composites Characterisation

The Composites Characterisation theme addresses novel and new ways of gaining a deeper understanding of a composite material’s behaviour in various operating environments.

Composites Behaviour & Life Cycle Performance

The Composites Behaviour & Life-Cycle Performance theme addresses novel research areas such as morphing structures, energy harvesting/storage and novel joining applications. It also presents the latest advances in recycling and life cycle assessment.

Composites Applications

ICCM-23 will examine all aspects of composites applications in Aerospace, Automotive, Biomedical, Civil engineering, Defence, Offshore and subsea, Rail, and Renewable Energy.

4. Composites Characterisation

04.01   Properties of composites
04.02   Durability, creep and aggressive environments
04.03   Damage tolerance
04.04   Crashworthiness 
04.05   Fatigue, fracture and damage
04.06   Strain measurement techniques
04.07   Macro-, micro-, and nano-scale test methods
04.08   Interfaces and interphases
04.09   Non-destructive evaluation 
04.10   Tribology and wear
04.11    Experimental methods for process characterization 

5. Composites Behaviour & Life Cycle Performance

05.01   Acoustic metacomposites
05.02   Actuation and dynamic response
05.03   Embedded sensing and self-diagnosis
05.04   Mechanics of composites
05.05   Composites regulations
05.06   Energy harvesting and storage
05.07   Recycling and sustainability
05.08   Morphing structures for performance enhancement
05.09   Structural health monitoring
05.10   Composite and Hybrid Joints 

6. Composites Applications

06.01   Aerospace
06.02   Automotive
06.03   Biomedical
06.04   Civil engineering
06.05   Defence
06.06   Offshore and subsea
06.07   Rail
06.08   Renewable Energy
06.09   Sporting goods
06.10   Emerging Technologies & Applications 









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