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Call for ICCM World Fellow Nominations

The designation of World Fellow is an award given by ICCM in recognition of the following:

(i) outstanding contribution to the field of composite materials through research and/or industrial development,
(ii) international recognition and contribution to the work of ICCM, and
(iii) other contributions to the field, e.g., through education, contributions to other major conference series, development of standards/design codes, editorial work etc.

There are no specific designated amounts of contributions that must be made with regard to each of these items. However, any person who becomes a World Fellow of ICCM must have made contributions to each area that are representative of the expectations of such a recognition. Overall, this person is to have made significant contributions to the objectives of ICCM as captured in the articulation of these three items.

All World Fellows are designated as Life Members of ICCM.

All nominations shall be submitted by a member of the ICCM Executive Council (EC) or a current World Fellow to the ICCM Senior Vice President no later than February 28 2023. This nomination package must include the following:

  • A curriculum vitae of the nominee.
  • A minimum of two letters of recommendation from current ICCM members
    • At least one letter shall be from an ICCM member outside the ICCM World Region of the candidate.
    • At least one letter shall be from an EC member or a current World Fellow.

Other suggestions concerning the nomination package can be found in Nomination of World Fellow of ICCM.









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